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  • New product - Aluminum Foil Sticker

    Source:sunside advertising china factory printing mesh banner printing Time:2019-12-12 Browse:0

    New product - Aluminum Foil Sticker

    1. Product Description


    Aluminum Foil


    Full Color Print CMYK




    Digital printing,  UV printing


    Can be used for especially rough ground or wall

    Excellent Anti-slip effect

    Super viscosity, Durable

    Different material and printing methods for chosen

    2.Product Application

    The Aluminum Foil sticker can be used for decoration, Advertising, Promotion, Shcool, depending on the situation. They can come in many different shapes, sizes and colors and are put on things such as rough concrete street ground, Uneven walls,school playground runway and so on.

    3. Product Details

     The surface feels very rough.(Excellent Anti-slip effect)

  • Back with glue, for aluminum foil material